Diploma In Hospitality,Travel Management And Customer Services

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Diploma In Hospitality, Travel
Management And Customer Services

It prepares you for a career in Hospitality, Travel Management, and Customer Services. The course comprises comprehensive preparation covering subjects as diverse as conversational English Communication, Personality Development, Body Language, Computerized Reservation System for airlines, Hotel and Travel industry, Interpersonal skills, Swimming, Interview preparation, and Passenger handling skills.

The hospitality and tourism sectors have made significant contributions to the economy in recent times, and are slated to generate even more revenue in the years ahead. Consequently, the demand for elite professionals that have received training from top-notch institutes is now second to none. This course has been scientifically created to deliver results that are quality par excellence, equipping students with the necessary skills to become leaders in the hospitality, tourism, customer service or any industry that mandates a similar skill set.

Hospitality with Computerized Reservation System
The module trains the student on the skills required in the hospitality industry. The topics covered in this course include handling guest arrivals along with check-in, checkouts, and modes of payment settlements. Students will also be trained on a popular and versatile hotel management software that is used by companies worldwide.

Travel Management with Computerized Reservation Systems
This course teaches the skills required by the staff working in the Air Travel - Reservation and Ticketing domain. This course trains the students on details of how an airport functions including ticket reservations, check-in, cargo, and fare constructions.

Personality Development
This course is highly interactive and helps the student develop the personality traits required to work in a professional environment. This course familiarizes the students with positive attitude, anger management, empathy, perception, motivation and stress management. The course instills in them great confidence and makes them true leaders. The importance of complementary characteristics and participating in team-building activities are also discussed in detail.

Customer Relationship Management
This is a vital course that trains the student on customer handling skills. Students are briefed about the different types of customers as well as the basic needs of each customer. Students are also made aware of what makes customer service exemplary. This course equips them with the skill sets to deal with ease even the difficult customers successfully.

Interviewing Skills
As the name suggests, this course prepares the student for facing and clearing all types of interviews. Impromptu speaking, mock interviews, group discussions, and positive body language are covered in this course. They are prepared to answer all the questions that can be put to them in the interviews. Besides, our trainers will also share knowledge for preparing the perfect resume and covering letters.

Hotels offer a wide variety of job options and benefits that can make the hospitality industry an appealing option for job seekers. Hotel employers may offer these benefits and perks to show much they value employee wellness and happiness. If you're looking for a job in the hotel or hospitality industry, understanding the various benefits hotels might offer can help you make an educated decision about specific job opportunities. In this article, we explore hotel jobs and learn about the different benefits they might offer to employees.

There are several career opportunities within the hotel industry that involve hotel administration, guest services, cleaning, maintenance, kitchen, restaurant and event planning. Some different jobs you can pursue include :

Resort manager :
A resort manager oversees all resort operations, including lodging, food and beverage management, human resources, housekeeping and guest services.

Concierge :
Hotel concierge’s welcome customers and provide assistance or guidance to fulfill customer needs.

Front desk receptionist :
This job involves providing check-in and check-out assistance to customers, managing room reservations and answering customer's questions or concerns.

Event planner :
Event planners collaborate with customers to coordinate events that align with customer budgets and expectations.

Hotel job benefits
If you're seeking employment in the hotel industry, you can benefit in several ways. Here is a list of various hotel job benefits some hotels might offer you:

Discounted or free meals
Some hotels and hotel chains offer free or discounted meals. This benefit typically extends to the entire hotel management team, though, employees may also receive a free meal or snack during their work hours. In some cases, this benefit may extend to your family members and friends.

Reduced travel prices
A hotel position may also come with travel discounts. Depending on the hotel or chain you work for, you might receive discounts for flights, rental vehicles and tours. These benefits can also apply to friends or family members who travel with you.

Reduced room rates
Working in the hotel industry means you can often book your vacation at a reduced room rate. Many hotels offer lower rates for their employees, as long as you stay with the same hotel or hotel chain. These rates may also extend to your travel companions.

Location flexibility
Many hotels have locations around the world, which can mean job positions around the globe, too. If your lifestyle offers the flexibility to work anywhere, you can apply or transfer to hotel positions wherever your employer has locations. For example, if your current hotel in Texas has a location in Japan, you can apply for a transfer to the Japan location.

Greater networking opportunities
The hotel industry gives you the opportunity to network and form relationships with people from different industries, professions and locations. Many companies also hold corporate events at hotels, which allow you to network with these individuals. Some other people you may interact with include actors, politicians, business leaders and celebrities.

Tips and bonuses
Hotel customers commonly provide generous tips to hospitality staff. In some cases, hotels incorporate a service fee into customer bills, which then go to employees. Some hotels also provide additional bonuses to employees who meet established goals.

More customer interactions
As a hotel employee, you can expect frequent customer interactions to help meet customer expectations or needs. These interactions give you the opportunity to contribute to a positive customer experience. An increase in customer interactions can also help you improve your problem-solving and customer service skills.

Employee events
Some hotel chains offer special employee events to recognize your efforts and value to them. These events may include meals, gifts or other benefits to attendees. Some hotel chains also offer monthly, quarterly or annual employee events.

Scheduling flexibility
Hotel positions often have flexible schedules that may better align with your personal life. This can allow you to work hours that best fit your needs as opposed to a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. A flexible schedule can also improve your work-life balance and job satisfaction since it allows you to work around your personal obligations.

Greater job security
Since many travelers depend on the availability of hotel locations around the globe, hotels continually need qualified personnel to fill vital positions. Some hotels even offer transition programs which let you transfer to different positions within the hotel. This can even help you enhance your skill set and capabilities. For example, transferring from a housekeeper position to a front desk representative role can help you learn valuable customer service and problem-solving skills.

Access to luxury experiences/strong
People who work in the hotel or hospitality industry often have access to available luxury items or experiences. Oftentimes, hotel restaurants or services test items and products with employees to ensure the best experience for their customers. For example, a hotel may let employees try new menu items or wines before their restaurants offer these luxury options to hotel customers.

Incentive programs
Hotels may also offer various incentive programs to enhance employee performance or increase the current workforce. Some programs might encourage meeting sales goals, referring friends and family or exceeding customer service goals. A good performance may result in benefits like monetary compensation, gift certificates or company discounts.

  1. Additional benefits
  2. Many hotels offer additional employee benefits and bonuses, including:
  3. Medical, dental and vision coverage
  4. Life insurance policies
  5. Short- and long-term disability
  6. Prescription and pharmacy benefits
  7. Specialist services
  8. Mental health coverage
  9. Retirement planning
  10. Paid time off, vacation time and sick leave
  11. Extended leave or family leave programs
  12. Worker compensation
  13. Living stipends
  14. Student loan repayment programs, college grants and scholarships
  15. Paid training and development opportunities
  16. Continuing education
  17. Travel and spending expenses
  18. Company equipment and transportation
  19. Investment opportunities

Diploma in hospitality & Travel Management program caters to candidates aspiring specifically to join the Hospitality and the Travel & Tourism Industry. Our institute encompasses the best hotel management course in Kolkata, to make our students globally competitive. Students graduating from NIAT Advantage luxuriate themselves into the most prestigious chain of hotels both in India and globally. The travel and tourism management course is also scientifically designed in such a way to make the students ready to join any sector of Travel & Tourism Industry.

Eligibility : 10+2 or equivalent
Duration : 12 Months
Age Limit : 19 years and above

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