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Cabin Crew Course from Top Air Hostess Training Institute

The course of Cabin Crew trains the students about how to assure the safety, welfare, and comfort of the Air travel passengers. Cabin Crew from top air hostess training institute plays a great role in the Air travel field. There are many Air Hostess training institutes of Cabin crew in Delhi NCR that have been approved by the Government of India. The students who want to take admission in a top Air Hostess Training institute should take the National Institute of Air Hostess Training (NIAT). NIAT is the Cabin Crew institutes in Delhi have an attractive infrastructure and academic facilities. NIAT is the Top Air Hostess Training institutes in Delhi have been approved by the Government of India.

NIAT is Best Cabin Crew Training Institute in Delhi

NIAT is the top Cabin Crew institute in Delhi offer theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. This fact must be noted that NIAT is the top air hostess training institutes in Delhi have been approved by the Government of India. Our cabin crew course covers the training of the Air hostess / male steward about make secure the welfare and the comfort of the passengers.

NIAT is Best Cabin Crew Training Institute in Delhi

Before choosing a course, it's important to research the course curriculum, eligibility criteria, fees, and placement opportunities. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the course is recognized by the aviation industry and will help you in getting a job as an air hostess or flight attendant.

Cabin Crew Course Details

The responsibility of Cabin Crew is to check the cabin before the plane takes off, to assure the safety regulations are in place. Their duty is for ensuring the comfort, welfare, and safety of the passengers on plane. The Cabin crew plays an important role in the public aviation industry. The Cabin crew job opportunities are increasing continuously in national, international, private, and public Airlines.

Cabin Crew Course Duration

The course of Cabin Crew is one year depending on the program and the course content / syllabus. Furthermore, the fees of the Cabin Crew course are varies between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.

Cabin Crew Course Eligibility

The cabin crew aspirants, who want to apply for the Cabin crew courses must assure that they are fitting into the specified eligibility criteria. Furthermore, the eligibility criteria for the Cabin Crew course is as follows:-

  • To get admission in the Cabin Crew course, the candidates must have passed his/ her 10+2 in any stream or 3 years engineering diploma or undergraduate degree from any recognized board/university.
  • The age of the candidate for the Cabin Crew must be between 17 to 25 years at the time of admission.
  • The height must be 155 cm or above for Females and 170 cm or above for Males in proportion to weight.
Cabin Crew Fee in Top Air Hostess Training Institute

The Cabin Crew fee structure in Top Air Hostess Training Institute of Delhi depends upon many factors like the campus, facilities, infrastructure, etc. A cabin crew fee is varies between 1 Lakhs to 1.5 Lakhs rupees for the whole one year course. After the completion of the cabin crew course, the student will get a certificate in the field of Cabin Crew.

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